Last Day of our Acquaintance

When worries weigh you down, and your heart breaks too, Keep the sorrow silent, don't let it break in two.
Never reveal to mankind your bleeding heart's plight, For rarely will pity, even in pain's darkest night, take flight.
You must smile and jest, though heavy your heart dwells, To the curious world, do not give any tells.

- Unknown


I chose to dedicate my collection, "Last Day of Our Acquaintance," to the strength of a woman who was persistently misunderstood, unfairly judged and unjustly cancelled for the truth she fearlessly spoke. In my collection, I pay homage to the celebration of a trailblazer and of a source of power, a source of life and emancipation. As her song crescendos and transports the listener to a place that says, "I know your answers already," the words become a lifeline and an encouragement to hold on.

On July 26, 2023, as world news headlines told of the passing of Sinead O'Connor, it marked the pinnacle of what had been one of the most challenging months in my life. Seldom did I endure so much personal loss and deceit and then losing the only Idol I ever had.

Little did Sinead know that the profound strength and wisdom encapsulated within her lyrics would alter the course of my life at the age of 13 when I first danced to Mandinka, laughed at The Emperor's new clothes and cried to The Is to Mother You and continued to become a sanctuary of artistic, mental and political fortitude and freedom to me until this day, guiding me through life's journey.
With this collection, I want to say to Sinead,
‘Thank you for hearing me’.

A celebration of life's inherent beauty unfolds through this collection as Mark Baigent skillfully composes a medley of exquisite fabric textures and artisanal dyeing techniques like batik, ombre, and spot dyeing and creates a symphony of creative expression. This collection encapsulates the voyage of reconnecting to the radiance of life, paying homage to the designer's idol, Sinead O'Connor, a visionary advocate for marginalized communities, the collection takes its name from the designer's cherished song.

A remarkable journey back to the essence of the designer's artistic vision. After transiting diverse creative routes, Mark Baigent now invites you to witness the roots of their true artistic expression grounded in nuanced shades of darkness and reimagining avant-garde from a gender-fluid perspective.

LAST DAY OF OUR ACQUAINTANCE is an excerpt of a new interpretation of beauty by Mark Baigent that emerged out of the need to reenvision what it means to love life. Combining soothing fabrics like silk and satin with fabrics designed for safety and endurability, like canvas and Denim, the designer places elements of bodily pleasure and physical need together. Furthermore, the traditional Indonesian art of batik, a time-honoured craft of intricate wax-resist dyeing, converges with modern design interpretations. A harmonious blend of the past and the present, where heritage meets innovation and cultures collaborate in unity to produce results that are nothing short of spectacular.

Mark Baigent skillfully composes a symphony of creative expression, weaving together a rich fabric of textures, colour and artisanal dyeing techniques such as batik, ombre, and spot dyeing. Each garment becomes a canvas where artistry and craftsmanship merge seamlessly, inviting you to explore the exquisite details that make every piece a work of art. All items are crafted in the designers own factory in bali, Indonesia which has become a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation in 2023 making it the first garment factory in Indonesia to become a guaranteed member of the WFTO. It is the designers conviction that fashion can be a tool to give back to the community and empower minorities through the realisation and application of art and fashion.

This celebration of life's ingrained beauty dedicated to Sinead O'Connor, a visionary advocate for the marginalised, is not just fashion; it is a narrative that honours the past while embracing the future.
Join us on this evocative journey as we restore the radiance of life's true essence through the eyes of Mark Baigent's artistic vision.


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