Morla Boots



Introducing Morla Boots – a pinnacle of high-end craftsmanship in leather goods, meticulously designed for enduring style and comfort. These wedge boots boast a leather-covered heel and a surface crafted from luxurious goat leather with decorative pleating, adding both sophistication and texture to your footwear collection.

Featuring an inner side zipper, Morla Boots offer easy and fast access without compromising on style. The double sole construction, with the middle sole also covered in leather, not only enhances durability but provides an elevated wear and cushioned comfort for every step.

The Morla Boots are made to order, and customers can customise their pair with a 10-14 day crafting period. Embrace the elegance of these high-end leather goods – a testament to the timeless appeal and lasting quality that defines the essence of Morla Boots.


  • Heel Design: Leather-covered wedge heel for a sophisticated and elevated look
  • Material: Goat leather surface with decorative pleating for added style and texture
  • Accessibility: Inner side zipper for easy and fast access
  • Sole Construction: Double sole with the middle sole also covered in leather for enhanced durability, elevated wear, and cushioned comfort
  • Made to Order: Customization available, with a 10-14 day crafting period
  • Craftsmanship: High-end leather goods craftsmanship ensuring longevity and timeless appeal
  • Durability: Made to last, Morla Boots are a testament to quality and enduring style.

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