Jancuk Boots

See size chart

comfortable wedges with cushioning

  • shell: *reclaimed leather
  • lining: 100% Cotton Twill
  • hand stitching
  • lower foot slightly wider for more comfort
  • for special sizes please message us

* "Reclaimed leather" is leather which normally would not be used for sale but rather thrown away due to scratches or marks. We think this is what gives the leather a personality which is why we use only this kind of leather for our products.


Please note that measurements are only to be considered as a guide. Factors like cut, fit, constructions can all affect measurements and make the garment fit larger / smaller than the measurements can suggest.

All measurements are taken from our staff of on garments in the store. All measurements are taken and displayed in centimenters.

When unsure, just send us an email. We are always happy to help.

  • A. SHOULDER WIDTH - Shoulder seam to shoulder seam
  • B. CHEST CIRCUMFERENCE - Around the chest
  • C. SLEEVE LENGTH - Outside shoulder seam to cuff
  • D. TOP LENGTH - From collar base to hem
  • E. HIP - Widest part of the hip
  • F. BOTTOM LENGTH - From hip bone to ankle
Size A B C D E F
XS 44 98 90 90/95* 100 100
S 45 100 95 94/99* 105 105
M 46 102 100 98/103* 110 110
L 47 104 105 102/107* 115 115
XL 48 106 110 106/111* 120 120
*PLEASE NOTE, the double displayed measurements are front and back length