Pakk Shirt linen



Introducing the Unisex Pakk Linen Shirt—an avant-garde masterpiece that defines the essence of dark fashion. This gender-fluid piece showcases a robust linen construction with a striking jacquard geometric pattern, creating a unique and enduring aesthetic. The wide puffed sleeves, a halfway button panel, and an oversized body welcome a diverse range of body shapes, providing a canvas for individual expression. The cuff buttons, back pleats, and slight asymmetric hem introduce layers of depth and romance, inviting you to redefine your style with this daring and inclusive statement piece.

The Unisex Pakk Linen Blouse transcends the conventional boundaries of fashion, inviting you to explore dark and inclusive style. Made from robust linen, this piece not only embraces a distinctive aesthetic but also stands as a testament to craftsmanship and individuality. Redefine your wardrobe with this bold and consciously crafted statement.



  • Crafted from robust linen for durability and a distinctive texture
  • Luxurious overlong sleeves and body for a unique silhouette
  • Signature back pleats for added texture and character
  • Model is 178 cm tall and wears a size extra small
  • For special sizes, please message us

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